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"Creating, developing and supporting community arts & culture provisions through social action (and great coffee...)."

About Us

The Granary Arts Cafe (C.I.C) is a social action organisation centred around improving art's & culture provisions. We are an Arts Centre and Coffee Shop facilitating local community engagement projects. 

Our mission is to evidence the importance of arts and culture in a progressive, functioning community. We want to see communities engaging with the arts, embracing and expressing different cultures and understanding the impact this has on collective wellbeing.


We are redefining and repurposing the Cafes place in the community!



"Grain gathered together to become greater than the sum of its parts
A lot like people I suppose
Nurtured to become something workable, malleable, a lump of clay to mould
You see, a solitary grain can never succeed but when given allies, friends and a granary you know
A grain is a lot like a person I suppose
What I’m getting at is this idea that
Unless we unite, unless we collaborate, unless we simultaneously flow
We’ll be that solitary grain, shy of the stars, allowed to plateau
But if placed in a place that allows us to become one, to challenge ourselves, to grow
To get mixed up and rise into an amazing dough
Then we’ll discover things about ourselves that we didn’t even know
A lot like grain in a Granary I suppose."


A friend and poet Steven Langstaff, used his talent to encapsulate our vision in the above poem



This is Jeremey, he's our best customer, somewhat of an ambassador now. He's trying to figure out how our coffee tastes so good AND how when he buys it, he contributes to improving community arts and culture provisions. He's grown increasingly sceptical of how we do we coined the nickname Skeptic Jez. You might see him around a bit.


Everything you can expect from our Cafe


We operate as a coffee shop to help subsidise and support our community projects. We offer a fully vegan range. Your favourite coffee shop drinks, a light bites food menu and delicious sweet treats. 

We created the 'LOAF' magazine to share our influences and reasons behind the things we do, along with documenting all of our projects. Created by and for the community. 

Stack of Magazines

We create classes and groups that promote arts and culture in the community. 


From Poets to 7-piece bands and everything in-between. On top of an amazing, intimate performance experience, these nights help to pay performers, new and professional and to sustain our community projects


We work with individuals and organisations to develop their services. We facilitate this through venue hire, resources and consultation. Click 'Develop' to email us and see how we can help develop your project!

Click me to join.

Having a support network of likeminded people helps to nurture projects and initiatives that can contribute to positive social action. 

Support Group
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